Friday, February 24, 2006


An email arrived this morning from the admin folk at saying there's only 7 days left on my year's portfolio subscription and I grumpily decided not to renew as it hasn't brought me any work over that time.

But then a few hours later, I received a phonecall from someone needing 39 interesting sounding illustrations and they'd found me via

Blimey. Looks as though I should renew the subscription after all.

I sold my first monsteroo this morning too, so it seems things are looking up, hooray!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Dreamweaver Wrangling

I've been busily pruning, updating, tweaking and tidying my website and its very much still a work in progress, the page showing recent educational illustrations like the one above for example is only half finished. Its beginning to come together though.

Any feedback/constructive criticism would be much appreciated, if anyone has a spare minute and would care to explore...


Friday, February 10, 2006

some promo feedback

Returned after a week away in lovely, snowy Avoriaz to find four identical little envelopes waiting for me, addressed in my own handwriting. They were replies to the promos I'd sent out to London publishers, all four saying in effect "thanks, but no thanks".

One art director replied saying they'll keep my samples on file and another filled in the response page saying she thinks my style is more suited to educational publishers than trade ones, which is useful to hear.

So I'm assuming the remaining seven samples are all on noticeboards being gazed at lovingly by art directors all over the city as I haven't received any more returns (yet).

Got to think positive! Now to find a long list of educational publishers addresses...